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2020 Estate Vin Rosé

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2020 Estate Vin Rosé

$26.00 Retail Price
$23.40 3-Bottle Wine Club Price (10%)
$20.80 6-Bottle Wine Club Price (20%)

750 ml

Tasting Notes:
The grapes for this wine come from the same vineyards as our red wines. We simply pick the grapes for our rosé about one month earlier than the pick for the red wines. This way we are able to achieve naturally elevated acidity and lower sugar levels without manually manipulating the wine. A grape starts the growing cycle with high acidity and low levels of sugar and as it ripens throughout the season the acid levels drop while the sugar content rises. Most people prefer their rosé to be crisp (acid) and lower in alcohol (sugar) which is why we pick the grapes for this wine early. If we waited for the grapes to reach full red-wine maturity, we would need to add acid back to the wine resulting in a tart, almost metallic taste, on the side of your taste buds. We prefer to craft this wine in a more natural manner.

Once picked, we destem and crush the grapes. The juice stays on the skins for a mere 48 hours which lends this beautiful color and the fruitiness of the wine without the tannin characteristics. This wine is a crowd-pleaser and can be enjoyed with, or without, food and definitely with others!

Food Pairing Suggestions: seafood (esp. ceviche, shrimp), Thai food, pizza, bbq

Blend: 50% Syrah, 20% Grenache, 20% Mourvèdre, 10% Viognier

Barrel: 100% Stainless Steel (minus the Viognier)


2020 Estate Vin Rosé:


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