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Re:Find Bourbon Whiskey Batch #7

$110.00 Retail Price
$93.50 3-Bottle Wine Club Price (10%)
$88.00 6-Bottle Wine Club Price (20%)


46.5% Alc 93 Proof

Source: Barrel House Brewery, Templeton, CA

We worked with Barrel House Brewery in Templeton to receive a proprietary blend of corn, wheat, and barley for this bourbon. We then fermented, distilled, and aged our creation in 15-gallon whiskey barrels for four years (equivalent to 12-16 years). We use smaller cooperage to accelerate the aging time due to the higher surface to volume ratio. Many "craft whiskeys" are actually distilled in the mid-west by large, bulk distilling houses, shipped across the country, and then bottled or aged at the "craft distillery". Re:find takes pride in the fact that we procure our grain bill from Central Coast breweries and are 100% responsible for crafting the bourbon. Always check the statement on the back of your bourbon bottle to ensure it reads Distilled By not Produced By. This is how you know whether that distillery actually distilled the bourbon you are about to enjoy. Keep it craft!


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