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Re:Find Cask Strength
Straight Bourbon Whiskey Batch #1

$160.00 Retail Price
$144.00 3-Bottle Wine Club Price (10%)
$128.00 6-Bottle Wine Club Price (20%)


125.4 Proof | 62.7% Alc by Vol

Limited Production

Barrel Entry Proof: 122.94-124.9
Barrel Exit Proof: 125.4
3½ Years Aged in 15-Gallon Whiskey Barrels
Char #3
Seven Barrel Lot

Mash Bill: Corn, Wheat, Barley
Double Distilled

3½ years aged in 15-gallon barrels is equivalent to 12-15 years aged in traditional 53-gallon barrels.

We take an authentic approach to our whiskey program. Instead of purchasing pre-distilled whiskey from large out-of-state distilleries (like most "craft distillers" do), we are in control of the entire process. We have partnered exclusively with Firestone Walker Brewing (FWB) for our whiskey program. We start by providing FWB a mash bill (recipe) that they brew exclusively for us. They provide us with the wort/wash (liquids and extracted sugars from the grain mash) for us to ferment, distill, and age.


We can only ship Re:Find Spirits within the state of California.

Re:Find Cask Strength Straight Bourbon Whiskey Batch #1:


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